Are you Dean for an organization that just started using Vklass? Or are you a head teacher who sees a need for further training for your staff?

To get the full effect of Vklass need to think about how to use the tool in the best way. We at Vklass can offer several training packages that we tailor to your needs. It can for example be about to take a step forward and start using more features than they already use. Or you need to get help to structure their communication policy of the school.

Under the tab basic training and further education, you can take some of the different approaches offered. You are also welcome to contact our training department using the form below.


Does your school take the next step and use more features of Vklass than those you already use, we can offer a training based on your school's needs.

This may involve structuring how the teachers work with the National Agency kunskapskravsmatriser or how to use Vklass as an internal platform. Take a chance and make your business into an A school regarding digital literacy.


Registration for the open workshops

Spring workshops conducted on a broad front. Gradually we are releasing now date to interesting workshops that we organize both in Stockholm and Malmö.

If the date does not fit, you can submit an expression of interest to the workshops and networking events we will organize during the spring semester. When the date is set and we will get back to you as you get the opportunity to sign up in order to guarantee your place.

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